Festival Schedule

Schedule for the 2019 Chicago Viola Festival:

2019 Schedule Topics Include:

  • Master Class on the Telemann Concerto - Participants can sign up to perform selections from this concerto and receive feedback

  • Practicing the Viola - Explore Ideas to encourage effective practicing

  • Multi - Level Scales Class - Dig into important scales all violists should know

  • Concertos for Six-String Electric Viola - A presentation of exciting new repertoire for electric viola, with discussions of setup, backing tracks, and effects

  • The Important Role of Etudes - A discussion of choosing etudes to improve technique

  • String Crossings: Opportunities and Challenges - Examine the mastery and control of string crossings

  • Putting it all Together - Once you have learned the notes and rhythms of your piece, how do you take it to the next level artistically? Explore amplifying the emotional range of the piece by exploring the "sound palette" and technique needed for maximum self expression.

  • Solo and Orchestra Master Class - Participants can observe of sign up to perform popular viola solo and orchestral repertoire and receive feedback from Viola Festival Clinicians.

  • Fiddling for the Viola - An opportunity to learn and play fiddle tunes on the viola!

  • Careers in Music Q&A - Have you ever wanted to ask a professional violist about life in music after school? Now is your chance! Ask a panel of professionals with varied backgrounds about college auditions, playing music in school and beyond, pursuing music as a professional, and much more!

Schedule for the 2018 Chicago Viola Festival :